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        good indicator for possible reencodes (retail sources only).
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First, an explanation of mod588:

The mod operator returns the remainder obtained by dividing its operands.
In other words, x mod y = x - (x div y) * y.
Oh, div is of course:

The value of x div y is the value of x/y rounded in the direction of zero to
the nearest integer.

Since one second on a CD is divided in to 75 frames, each has 588 samples.
A mp3 is divided into frames and each has 1152 samples.

That's why we do "samples mod 588" to see if the source for the mp3 was a
CD and not a transcode from a mp3.

To obtain samples length of an mp3, a suitable and accurate program to use is
foobar (any version), other programs don't seem to be as accurate.

Drag a scene mp3 on to foobar, and right click -> properties. You will see
something like "Duration: 3:06.972 (10774512 samples)."

take the (10774512 samples) and follow through with the process below.

A proper file encoded from a CD source.
Samples length: 10774512

10774512 mod 588 = 0

10774512 / 588 = 18324
the result is a whole number, an integer.

Now, if the file was not created from a CD source:
Samples length: 10775855

10775855 mod 588 = 167

10775855 / 588 = 18326,28401360544217687074829932
the result is not an integer, so:
18326 * 588 = 10775688
10775855 - 10775688 = 167


. Don't forget that only recent versions of LAME give sample accurate length.
      Old LAME (pre-3.90) and non-LAME mp3 encoders won't work.
. MP3's with LameTag and with the enc_delay/enc_padding values should be fine.

Word from mp3c members:

Only dumb scene nukers are doing this. 
That is NOT an official nuke reason. I was 1 of the guys who came up with some
of the methods of checking and THAT was NEVER 1 of them. Specta anyalsis and
bitrate are FAR better indicators esp if u have 2 sources with 1 known and 1
unknown. There are some variables which can vary even with wav ripping between
1 cdrom to another hence why a couple of bits off 2 encodes can happen. CLearly
this is a over jealous site nuker.

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