THE 2014 COMPLETE BLURAY RELEASING STANDARDS                                     

        - GENERAL

        G1)  Release size must be a true 1:1 image of retail disc.
        G2)  Group watermarks within the Bluray are strictly forbidden.
        G3)  Releases must be made region free.
        G4)  Any new unmentioned copy protection that comes out must be stripped.
        G5)  If for any reason any standards cannot be met it a brief explanation
             must be written in the nfo.

        - PACKAGiNG

        P1)  Sample, nfo and sfv are required for each release.
        P2)  NFO must contain at least: 
              - IMDB link
              - Bluray Region
              - Audio streams
              - Subtitle streams
        P3)  Rar's must be split into 250 or 500 MB archives.
        P4)  Passwords or encryption is not tolerated.
        P5)  Compression is not allowed.

        - TAGGiNG

        T1)  Acceptable characters are as follows:
                 0123456789 . -
        T2)  Suggestion for tagging:
        T3)  The first release of a movie, if it has the original audio, English subs and menu,
             must be tagged Movie.Name.YEAR.COMPLETE.BLURAY-GROUP. Next releases must contain a
             language tag (MULTiSUBS/MULTi/NL/NORDiC/iTALiAN/etc) or region tag (A/B/C).
        T4)  All releases are to include production year, except for TV series.
        T5)  Sub directories are to be labelled as DiSC1, DiSC2, etc.
             EXTRA and CD1, CD2 dirs are not allowed.
        T6)  Additional explanation of some tags:
             MULTi:     In case of a minimum of 2 audio languages.
             MULTiSUBS: In case of a minimum of 6 subtitle languages.


        P1)  ALL releases MUST now include source proof in the following way: Snapshot (not scan)
             of the actual physical disc (printed side) in jpg/png format with a group tag 
			 Disc snapshot must be in good quality with disc details clear and readable. Small 
			 portions containing store stickers/barcodes may be blurred or blackened. 
             Releases that fail to pre with such proof are to be considered a nuke and can be 
			 propered. Proofixes later than 2 hours from pre (if a proper has not been pred during 
			 that time) will not be accepted.
             Some mobile phone cameras (such as iPhone) add exif metadata to the pictures (gps location 
			 for example). It is ESSENTIAL to make sure exif metadata is removed from your snapshot. 
			 This can be done in windows7, by editing and re-saving the picture with Microsoft Paint 
			 or using freeware tools available on an "exif remover" web search.

        - SAMPLE

        S1)  A sample roughly 60 seconds in length is required.
             It must be cut from the movie m2ts file and not encoded separately.
             It must be put within a directory named "Sample".
		     A .m2ts file must be cut and used as sample. You cannot rename a rar and use it as 
			 the sample.  

        - PROPERS
        R1)  Propers may only be released if previous release had technical 
             flaws such as undersized, errors, etc.  
        R2)  Propers based on previous releases having stripped the menu
             are allowed.
        R3)  Propers based on previous releases having improper dir names
             will not be tolerated.
        R4)  Blurays with different audio or subtitle streams do not
             dupe each other.


        N1)  Applicability
             These rules apply from 2014-04-01 00:00:00 GMT.
             Released pre'd before this time are not allowed to be nuked based
             on these rules unless there is a valid technical reason to proper


             The COMPLETE BLURAY releasing standards signed by