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            UUUU   ▀UUU▄         ▄UU
           UUUU     ▀UUU         UUU
          ▄UUU       UUU         UUU
          UUUU       UUU        ▄UUU
          UUU        UUU        UUU▀                    ▄  ▄
          UUU        UUU   ▄UUUUUUU      ▄UUUUUU▄     ▄UU  UU▄
          UUU       UUUU ▄UUU  ▄UUU    ▄UUU  ▄UU▀    ▄UU▀ ▄UUU
          UUU       UUU▀ UUU   UUU     UUUU  UUU     UUU  UUU
          UUU      UUUU  UUU   UUU     UUU▀  UUU     UUU  UUU
           UUU   ▄UUUU▀  UUU   UUU     UUU   UUU     UUU  UUU
                                                     ▄▄▄ UUU▀
                             Rules v0.1              UU▀ UUU
                    UUUU  UUU UUUU  UUU UUUU  UUU    UU UUU▀
                     UUUUUUU   UUUUUUU   UUUUUUU     UUUUU
                      UUUUU 28  UUUUU     UUUUU       UUU▀
                      UUUU  01  UUUU      UUUU
                     UUUUUU 10 UUUUUU    UUUUUU
                    UUU UUUU  UUU UUUU  UUU UUUU
                   UUU   UUUUUUU   UUUUUUU   UUUU

1. Introduction
2. Release Standards
    2a) Dirnames
    2b) Files
    2c) DIZ File
    2d) NFO File
    2e) ZIP File Naming
    2f) Quality

1. Introduction

   These rules will be official as of 28-01-2010.
   Mandatory means you HAVE to do it, optional means you CAN do it if you fancy.

2. Release Standards

    2a) Dirnames

          Note: Things between () are mandatory. Things within [] are optional.


          Example : FemJoy.com_09.12.12.Luna.Your.Eyes.XXX.iMAGESET-EXAMPLE

          Example : RonisParadise.com_Set.25.Waterhose.XXX.iMAGESET-EXAMPLE

          Example : RonisParadise.com_E25.Waterhose.XXX.iMAGESET-EXAMPLE

        !!  If the website does not list any dates or set numbers for the
            imagesets, you may not make up a numbering system.
            This to prevent accidental/incorrect dupes, or mistakes.

        !!  WebSite must be the url to the site without 'www.' and including
            the TLD. Ex: SuicideGirls.com, 1By-Day.com

        !!  The date must be in format: YY.MM.DD. Year.Month.Day. Ex: 09.12.01 
            YYYY.MM.DD or any other formats are not allowed.

    2b) Files

        1. The release must be packed into 5 000 000 bytes (5Mb) .zip files.
           .diz and .nfo files must be packed into the zip.

        2. DIZ File. (refer to rule 2c)

        3. NFO File. (refer to rule 2d)

        4. Sample dir, which includes 1 image of the set.

    2c) DIZ File

        The following information must be included within the file_id.diz:

        1. [xx/**], where ** = number of zips.

        2. Dirname

    2d) NFO File

        The NFO must contain the following elements:

        1. Release name

        2. Number of files

        3. Pre/rip date

        Optionally you may include extra information like:

        - URL to imageset or site

        - Site Date (if known)

        - Set Name/Model Name

        - Number of Pictures

    2e) ZIP File Naming

        Any common-sense filename is allowed, however it must be according to
        the 12.3 naming convention. This means a maximum filename length of
        12 characters plus 3 characters for the extension.


    2f) Quality

        The highest quality available on the site, at the time of the PRE, must
        be ripped.

        !! You may not alter the images. You're not allowed to add or remove
           for instance watermarks or image errors. Aka, the images must be
           pred 1:1 from the website.


                This ruleset defining rules for the 0DAY-XXX scene 

                       are signed by the following groups:

       iM4GES  *  FuGLi  *  OHRLY  *  RACiMAGE  *  hUSHhUSh  *  YAPG