║                           The Sports Release Council Presents                          ║
║                   The 2010 XviD Sports Releasing Standards [TXSRS10]                   ║
The Sports Release Council was formed to separate sports releases from the ruleless world
of TV-XVID. This standard aims to improve the overall quality of our sports releases while
retaining the compatibility we have enjoyed for so long. We hope to bring standardization
to our scene and rid ourselves of some of the archaic quality-hampering restrictions that
the sports scene has had to put up with based on the preferences/assumptions of nukers.

Under exceptional circumstances, the council has the power to override a global nuke put
in place by a nukenet. Such a circumstance would occur for example if a release is being
contested within a nuke war. The release in question may be brought to the attention of
the council who may then decide on the validity of the release. If the council does decide
on the matter, that decision is final and should be treated as if it were written within
the standard itself. If a council decision is made, the release shall be nuked or unnuked
with "council.decision_reason" as the reason.

  [ Sizing ]
    - 17:00  -  23:29   : 186MiB
    - 21:00  -  34:59   : 279MiB
    - 29:00  -  46:59   : 373MiB
    - 42:00  -  69:59   : 559MiB
    - 59:00  -  95:59   : 746MiB
    - 90:00  -  130:59  : 1119MiB
    - 115:00 -  189:59  : 1493MiB
    - For other runtimes, valid sizes are 93MiB, 139MiB, 2239MiB, 2986MiB, 3358MiB, and
      4479MiB. Other sizes must have a video bitrate of 950-2000kbps.
    - If the length of the release is nearing the recommended maximum length,
      the ripper can opt to use the next recommended size in the interests of quality.
    - CD sizes are long since obsolete and are forbidden.
    - Splitting a release into multiple files is forbidden except for releases exceeding
      4479MiB. These releases must be split into multiple files and packaged separately
      within directories named DVD1, DVD2, etc. All disks except the last disk must use
      the full 4479MiB disk capacity, however the last disk must conform to the previously
      mentioned sizing regulations. 
    - A release may be a maximum of 2MiB oversized.
    - A release may be a maximum of 4MiB undersized when the target size is less than
      559MiB, or a maximum of 8MiB when the target size is 559MiB or above.
  [ Packaging and Naming ]
    - All releases must use AVI as the container.
    - Releases must be packaged within a RAR archive using M0 (store) compression.
    - RAR archives must be split into 15 or 20MB parts (where 1MB is defined as
      1,000,000 bytes). 50MB and 100MB parts are allowed when packaging files larger than
      1119MiB. RAR sets may not be larger than 101 RARs when using old-style volume names.
    - Inclusion of RAR recovery records is recommended.
    - An SFV is required for each set of RAR files.
    - All filenames must be unique to avoid dupes.
    - An NFO file is required and should contain the following: 
        - Release Name
        - Group Name
        - Release Date
        - Competition
        - Competitors
        - Event Date
        - Video Information (Codec, Bitrate, Resolution, etc)
        - Audio Information (Codec, Bitrate, Channels, etc)
    - Release directories should generally be named like the following example
      in order to maintain consistency within the scene:
        - League.YYYY.MM.DD.Event.EXTRA.TAGS.SOURCE.XviD-GRP
        - Competition.YYYY-YY.Event.EXTRA.TAGS.SOURCE.XviD-GRP
      Using just the year is only permitted if the event is once per year (e.g. a WWE
	  PPV). In the case of leagues which have seasons that span multiple years, it is
      permissible to tag the release with just the years of the season. Inclusion of MM
      and DD is mandatory for all constantly running shows (e.g. WWE).
      The following are some examples of correct directory names:
        - EPL.2010.01.01.Manchester.United.vs.Arsenal.HDTV.XviD-GRP
        - UEFA.Champions.League.2009-10.Round.2.First.Leg.Chelsea.vs.Liverpool.HDTV.XviD-GRP
        - TNA.Impact.2010.03.02.HDTV.XviD-GRP
        - WWE.WrestleMania.2010.PPV.HDTV.XviD-GRP
    - Releases may not use tagging such as "COMPLETE.EVENT" based on network-specific
      footage (e.g. pre-/post-game footage, half-time interviews, etc). Use internal.
    - Releases may use the PREAIR tag if they are pred before the airdate in the country
      of origin, but may not be nuked for missing it. Nukers should use discretion before
      nuking a release that appears to have the wrong date as many taped shows are pred in
      advance of airing in the country of their origin.
    - Releases must contain a sample between 40-90 seconds long taken directly from
      the complete release content. The sample must have a unique filename and must
      be placed within the "Sample" directory.
    - Using a renamed RAR as a Sample is forbidden.
    - The following additional tags are considered valid: PROPER, REPACK, RERIP, REAL,
  [ Video ]
    - Must be XviD.
    - Encoding must be 2-pass. Bits must be correctly distributed across the entire
      encode as determined by a stats file referencing the entire length. Encoding the
      second pass using a guessed bitrate is forbidden.
    - Target video bitrate must be a minimum of 950kbps. If for whatever reason this 
      cannot be achieved then a valid reason why must be included in the NFO and
      a source sample must be placed in the Sample directory for issues relating
      to the source.
    - The appropriate deinterlace and IVTC methods must be used when necessary.
    - 50/60fps sources must be dropped to 25/30fps.
    - NTSC/PAL material that has been broadcast in another region may be converted back
      to the original frame rate if there is no quality loss suffered as a result (e.g.
      a 60fps NTSC source of a video broadcast filmed at 50fps may be converted back to
      25fps with a filter such as rePal). Use of blending is forbidden.
    - Deinterlacers that produce bad quality results (e.g. FieldDeinterlace) are
      banned. Filters such as Yadif or LeakKernelDeint are recommended.
    - Resizers that produce bad quality results (e.g. BicubicResize) are banned.
      A sharp resizer must be used (e.g. Lanczos/4, Spline36, etc).
    - Group watermarks are banned.
    - Any modification of the original content prior to or after encoding (with
      the exception of removing commercials) is strictly forbidden.
    - Quantization Matrix must be H.263 when the video bitrate is less than 1400. 
      MPEG is recommended for higher bitrates. Custom Matrices are forbidden.
    - VHQ mode must be 2 or higher.
    - Motion Search Precision must be 6.
    - Maximum I-frame interval must be 10 * FPS.
    - BVOPs must be used.
    - QPel is forbidden.
    - GMC is forbidden.
    - Packed Bitstream is forbidden.
    - Pixel shape must be square.
  [ Video Dimensions ]
    - Width: 576 - 672 pixels for sources with an AR of 1.70-3.00  
             512 - 672 pixels for sources with an AR of 1.00-1.69 
    - Resolutions with a width of 672 must meet a minimum bitrate of 1200.
    - Upscaling must be kept at a minimum for low resolution sources (typically 480i)
      and is banned for all higher resolution sources.
    - Height and Width must be MOD16.
    - Black borders must be cropped to their maximum. In the event of changing aspect 
      ratios, the cropping must be tailored towards the aspect ratio used by the
      majority of scenes (e.g. pitch view in a football game) or to the widest frame
      within the release.
    - SD sources may be overcropped by a maximum of 2px. HD sources may be overcropped by
      a maximum of 4px.
    - The aspect ratio must be within 3% of the source aspect ratio.
  [ Audio ]
    - Must be AC3 or VBR MP3.
    - AC3 should be used at the ripper's discretion, and must provide a valid reason
      for use within the NFO.
    - AC3 must be the original stream obtained by demuxing the source. Modification
      of the stream in any way is forbidden.
    - MP3 must be LAME encoded VBR/ABR with a target of between 96kbps and 192kbps for 
      stereo sources and between 64kbps and 128kbps for mono sources. "--alt-preset 128"
      is recommended for most encodes. If the source bitrate is lower than 96kbps (stereo)
      or 64kbps (mono), the target bitrate must be the highest possible bitrate and a
      notice should be placed in the NFO file.
    - Audio that is more than 100ms out of sync is considered technically flawed.
    - Multi language audio tracks are forbidden.
    - Encoding a stereo source to mono or a mono source to stereo is forbidden.
    - Resampling audio is forbidden.

  [ Source notes ]
    - Source definitions are as follows:
        - DSR      - Standard Definition stream that does not meet the PDTV criteria.
        - PDTV     - Standard Definition stream with a resolution of 704/720x480/576
                     and a video bitrate of >= 1.5mbps for MPEG4 or >= 3mbps for MPEG2.
        - WS       - Standard Definition stream with an aspect ratio > 1.70.
        - HDTV     - High Definition non-upscaled 720p/1080i/p stream.
    - Non-HD and upscaled content that airs on an HD channel is considered PDTV/WS.PDTV.
    - Releases that are of lower quality than an already available release are
      considered dupes (e.g. PDTV dupes WS.PDTV, but HDTV does not).
    - Live events may only use the PPV tag if they are from an uninterrupted (e.g.
      commercial-free) source. If a previous release has pred from an interrupted source,
      the previous release may not be nuked or propered unless it is tagged as PPV.
    - If a live event is interrupted, the ripper must include the approximate total length
      of the removed interruptions within the NFO.
    - Releases that do not use the raw transport stream from the provider are considered
      ANALOG and must not use the DSR, PDTV, or HDTV tags.
    - Releases with a questionable source may be pre-nuked for up to 48 hours after pre
      with the reason "source.sample.requested" if there is legitimate reason to do so
      (e.g. suspicion of mislabelled source). The release group then has 48 hours to
      provide a sample (at least 10 seconds in length) of the source before the release
      becomes properable.
    - Releases with non-English audio must be tagged with the language used.
    - Releases can only dupe or proper releases of the same language (e.g. a DUTCH
      release will not dupe an existing English release and cannot proper it).
    - Releases with no commentary track must be tagged as LIVE.AUDIO and can only dupe or
      proper other LIVE.AUDIO releases.

  [ Propers ]
    - Propers are permitted in the case of previous technical flaws.
    - Propers must state the proper reason and which release is being propered within the 
      release NFO.
    - Propers must provide proof of technical flaws within the Sample directory if the
      release being propered has not already been nuked.
    - Propers are not allowed after a repack has been released; however flawed repacks may
      be propered.
    - Propers based on audio codec are forbidden.
    - Propers based on ripper decisions (e.g removal of pre-/post-event footage,
      network-specific footage, etc) are forbidden. Use internal.
    - Propers based on source parameters (e.g. number of commercials, frame rate, audio
      channels or bitrate, etc) are forbidden.

  [ Internals ]
    - All internals must conform to TXSRS10 rules, with the exception of minor known 
      technical issues and non-conforming sizes or audio codecs. Using the INTERNAL tag to
      try and protect a severely flawed release from nukes is forbidden.
    - The following audio codecs may be used for internals: AC3, MP2, MP3. Releases using
      other codecs are not protected from nukes by the INTERNAL tag.     
    - Using INTERNAL.DIRFIX as a cheap attempt at avoiding a nuke is forbidden. If the
      release is technically flawed, it is still deemed nukable both before and after an
      attempted INTERNAL.DIRFIX and the DIRFIX shall be nuked for fix.for.nuke.
║                        TXSRS10 v1 signed by the following groups                       ║
║                   ──────────────────────────────────────────────────                   ║
║                              433 aAF CiRCLE DVSKY ESPN FQM                             ║
║                             GORE KAFFEREP KYR OTV T0nK4 W4F                            ║
║                   ──────────────────────────────────────────────────                   ║
║          These rules are in effect as of 2010-03-15 00:00:00 GMT (1268611200)          ║