▀▀▀▀▀███ ▀▀▀▀▀███ ▀▀▀▀▀███ ▀▀▀▀▀███
                        ███ ██▀  ███ ▀▀▀  ███ ███  ███ ▀▀▀
                        ███▀███  ███▀     ███▀██▄  ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███  ███ ███
                        ███▀███  ███▀███  ███ ███  ███▀███
                        ███      ███      ███      ███
                        ███      ███      ███▄     ███

                           Bleeding Edge Ripping Crew




          We noticed new ruleset was pred, and we read them, unlike the guys
          who signed it...

          We noticed a few problems with rule 20, section 2. 

          (Which would have been avoided had you simply enforced jpegs on 
           every release, instead of this silly system...) 

          > 2. A release might get "pre-nuked" if the source of the release is
          > questionable. You are able to identify such a nuke by the string
          > "SCANS.REQUESTED" in nukereason. 
          > The releasegroup then has 72 hours (starting when it gets nuked) 
          > to supply/release scans/photos which prove that the source is real.

          > If useable scans/photos are supplied then the release gets unnuked. 
          > If no scans/photos are provided it remains nuked 
          > and then every other group is allowed to release it if scans/photos 
          > are included.

          As you can see i separeted the rule-item in pieces, so you can see my
          interpretations problems. Here we go:

          1. First part says you can see the nuke by the string SCANS.REQUESTED.
          Well, it is assumed (because we know how the system works) that only 
          the 34 crews who signed the rules have access to view this pre-nuke. 

          The question is:

          How will this be announced to those without access? Will the releases 
          be nuked on sites (those with access to these pre-nukes)?

          If not, then it's a useless rule when the majority of the groups 
          can't even see the pre-nuke. If it's viewable via 
          "site nukestatus/mp3dupe" on sites, then it's still rather useless 
          for most groups. Remember, the release that might end up being 
          pre-nuked doesn't have to be a recent release. Sometimes problems 
          are noticed after some time has gone by.

          2. Then you have 72hrs to provide the scan, until that its a pre-nuke,
          after 72hrs it's a real nuke and everybody can proper.

          Hypothetical scenario: -GRP pre a release, it get's pre-nuked, and 
          no scans are provided within 72hrs. Release = NUKED.

          5-10 days goes by, nobody propers. 

          -GRP pre's covers, what happens? is release still nuked?


          -GRP pre's a repack with covers, what happens? is release dupe? 
           both nuked?

          3. Last example, if jpg's are crappy (imagine some cellphone crap) 
          - who defines what is crap? is it solely based upon random ppl 
          nuke-requesting the release?

          Does the -GRP get 72hrs to provide better quality proof? and same 
          question as above, if release is nuked cause of bad quality pictures,
          can you supply new pictures, or pre entire release again without 

          It's all in the writing. This ruleset is open for interpretation,
          since they are not clearly written. Maybe if you included some of the
          older crews you excluded, this would not have happened. 

          BERC (2009-08-20)