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 │                   The TRAINER Releasing Standards 2009                      │
 │                                                                             │
                             ──[ INTRODUCTION ]──
  As game engines are evolving so are trainers. One trainer being better than
  an other trainer it's more difficult these days to determine which trainer
  has the best quality. Therefor to guide everyone making trainers in the
  scene we decided to set up a set of rules. The rules are there to give
  everyone the possibility to work at the same level through the same rules.
  At this time there are no rules trainer related. We think it's time to set
  up some standards so when we sceners using a trainer we can be sure it has 
  an certain level of quality in it.
  Please read this draft, and if you do not agree to certain parts of it,
  please inform us and tell us what exactly needs to be changed/removed/added,
  so that it fits your opinion about what these rules should look like.
                               ──[ TRAINERs ]──
  - .rar and .zip file names should have a maximum of 8.3 characters.
  - Compression format for iSO  trainers is RAR.
  - Compression format for 0DAY trainers is ZIP.
    Compression mode should be m1 or above.
  - 0DAY trainers must include DIZ file.
  - NFO must be included in each RAR/ZIP.
  - Trained games must previously have been released as a valid (non-nuked)
    release into the 0DAY/iSO section.
    Only game releases from valid/non-scenebanned release groups may be used.
  - To keep the competition, trained games must not be older than 6 months.

  - If an update for a game has been released, it is still allowed to release a
    trainer for the old version of the game. If this game isn't older than
    three months.
  - All trainers should work the same on all formats that the game supports.
    If the game supports Win9x/ME/XP/Vista, then the trainers options must work
    on all those formats too.
    Due to WinVista there may also be games that support dx10 with a second
    game.exe. However, as long as the dx9 trainer works on all supported
    formats, the trainer will be accepted as valid, if this issue has been
    explained in the .nfo.
  - Trainers which have been made with so called 'Trainer Making Utilities'
    like TMK, GameTrainerStudio or any other utility, are not allowed.
  - Trainers for BETAs/DEMOs/etc. are not allowed. Unless the trainer is tagged
    as internal.
  - All languages are allowed.
    Accordingly it is preferred (but not necessary) to write the .nfo in the
    language the release is for. If the .nfo is not the same language as the
    trainer is for, english must be used.
  - No group should use anothers groups work. No exceptions.
    Any group that does, will be nuked and should be banned instantly.
    Any future release/s of this group will be ignored.
  - Using ingame cheats in trainers shows of no respect to other trainer makers
    and is not allowed in any way.
    Any group that does, will be nuked and should be banned instantly.
    Any future release/s of this group will be ignored.
  - Option Counting:
    Trainer options should be counted properly. Lame ways like explained below
    aren't allowed to count the amount of options on a trainer. Everyone can
    throw out shit.
    For example:

    Infinite Health for player A
    Infinite Health for player B
    Same for more than 1 team mate
    These options can be seperated in the trainer, but they count as one
    Ammo in a game is based on ALL ammunition types. It should include
    grenades, mines and everything else related to ammunition.
    These options can be seperated in the trainer, but they count as one
    In short this means every option related with secondary or primary ammo
    should be counted as one option.
    Usually trainers are called +20 or bigger because people are counting all
    different types of items as seperate options.
    Items can have a different hotkey in the trainer but they count as one

    Wood, Stones, Iron, etc. are Resources.
    These options can be seperated in the trainer, but they count as one option
    for example we take a game where we have wood, stone and coal.
    If resources are treated as individually in the game ie for trading among
    other AI players or games like civilization where some resources affect
    trade, while other affect military, etc, those are allowed to be regarded
    as individual options.
    Infinite Time for Game-Mode A
    Infinite Time for Game-Mode B
    Infinite Time for Mini-Game A
    Infinite Time for Mini-Game B
    These options can be seperated in the trainer, but they count as one

    Toggle Option 1 ON/OFF
    For those who don't know already, this is only one option.
  - If you do not count your options correctly, you may get PROPERed by other
  - Release Name:
    The Release Name has to include the trained games name, the version number
    (if an update has been trained) the number of options and the group name.
  <Game Name>.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>.<Version Number>.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_<Version Number>_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER.REPACK-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER_REPACK-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>.<Version Number>.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER.REPACK-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_<Version Number>_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER_REPACK-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>.PROPER.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_PROPER_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>.<Version Number>.PROPER.PLUS.<Option Number>.TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>
  <Game Name>_<Version Number>_PROPER_PLUS_<Option Number>_TRAINER-<GROUP NAME>

    Not valid:
  - Dupes:
    Group A releases a +5 trainer for game X.
    Later if group B releases a trainer for game X with the same +5 options, it
    is a dupe.
    If group B wants to make a valid trainer for game X, group B must have at
    least one or more new options on top of the original trainers. Group B can
    also release an trainer with less options but completely different ones
    than the one made by group A.
  - Multiple Releases:
    If group A releases a +3 and later wants to release a new trainer with
    more options, the new trainer's dir has to contain 'REPACK'.
    This will result in the previous trainer being nuked and the new trainer
    being valid. We know this rule can result in a debate. Setting the rule
    like this avoids groups updating and updating their trainer all the time.
    Updating your trainer to work with an updated version of the game is
    offcourse allowed. The rule is there to avoid a pre flood of updated over
    updated trainers for the same game version.
    Better create a QUALITY trainer in the first try than updating it 5 times
    to get the same result as an other group. Do your best on your first prior
    trainer release.

  - REPACK's:
    Trainers with one or more non-working option/s can be re-released by doing
    a repack. NON working options can be removed, although we condone everyone
    to fix them to keep the quality. The dirname has to include REPACK.
    Make sure to lable the trainer appropriate. So if your faulty trainer had
    6 options and you remove two options. Lable the REPACK as a PLUS 4 than.
  - PROPER's:
    Trainers with one or more non-working option/s can be propered by another
    The PROPER Trainer must not have less options than the original (non-
    working) release.
    NFO must include detailed proper reason.
    Dirname has to include PROPER.
                                ──[ GROUPS ]──
  - ALL groups (0DAY/DOX) that ever DID or possibly MAY release a trainer, are
    being considered as signers of the FINAL TRS.
    These rules have been accepted by the following groups:
    Council of ReUnion, Reebsaw, Outlaws and team BReWErS
Draft 1.2