--------======== The Windows Media Video Releasing Standards 2009 for Blu-Ray and HDDVD ========--------


	     WMV is equal in quality to x264. Many people feel as if WMV-HD is redundant because of 
        the x264 scene. This simply is not true because of the compatibility of WMV-HD. It can be 
        played on the X360 and HTPC's; x264 is restricted to HTPC's. The only reason many people are 
        against WMV-HD is because it's Microsoft.


	     Video size is determined by Minimum Bitrates
        101: Source must be HDDVD or Blu-Ray. 
              No re-encoding of any other source is allowed, i.e. x264!
        102: DVD5 720p must have a minimum bitrate of 4000 kbps.
        103: 1080p must have a minimum bitrate of 9000 kbps, and must be DVD9 or DVD9+5.
        104: Peak bitrate limits must be constrained to 14,500 kbps.
        105: If the bitrate is lower than 4000kbps for 720p DVD5, DVD9 720p is required.
        106: Resolution must be no less then 720p and NO GREATER then 1080 
              If source is 1088, it must be cropped to 1080 due to known 360 problem with 1088 resolution.
        107: Custom resolution is allowed, either OAR or MOD 16 is acceptable.        
        108: Video codec MUST be Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile (VC-1).
        109: All releases must be encoded with 2-pass VBR.
        110: Whether 720p or 1080p is used is solely at the ripper's discretion.
              However, minimum bitrates must be followed as outlined in rules 102 & 103.
        111: Discs must be fully used when encoding. Thus,
              DVD5 must be no less than 4.0 gb
              DVD9 must be no less than 7.8 gb
              DVD9+DVD5 must be no less than 12.1 gb
        112: Intro and credits are to be kept intact; removing them is grounds for a proper.
        113: Resolution dupe rules are as follows:
              720p dupes 1080p
              1080p does not dupe 720p 
        114: Intros and watermarks are NOT allowed.
             TV Episodes 

        150: 720p  - 1 hour episodes    - Minimum size 1.1 gb
        151: 720p  - 30 minute episodes - Minimum size 750 mb
        152: 1080p - 1 hour episodes    - Minimum size 2.0 gb
        153: 1080p - 30 minute episodes - Minimum size 1.3 gb

        201: Audio must be a minimum of 640 kbps WMA3 Pro 5.1.
              The only excpetion is if the source kbps is lower than 640 kbps.
	  202: No Stereo to 5.1 up mixing is allowed, source must be 5.1 with correct channels mapped.
              The only exception is if the source contains only 2.0 or mono.
	  203: Must be 24bit or 16bit audio unless source is less.
	  204: English audio is to be use if it's the native language on the disc.
        205: If English is not the native audio on the disc do A or B and always C: 
	        A: Add hardcoded English subs and native audio.
              B: Use dubbed English audio track.
              C: Follow directory naming rule 408.
	  206: Audio can be either CBR or VBR and 1 Pass is sufficient.

SECTION III: Subtitles

        301: Subtitles are NOT required. 
        302: English subtitles are suggested for titles that contain non-English audio segments when
             English is the primary audio language.

SECTION IV: Packaging 

        401: WMV must be in RAR.
        402: Recovery record must be used when RARing.
        403: SFV, NFO, and Sample are required for all releases.
	  404: Sample must be at least 60 seconds in duration.
	  405: NFO MUST state the following information:
              VIDEO bitrate
              AUDIO bitrate
              VIDEO resolution
              AUDIO language 
              If Subs are HARDCODED.
        406: RAR filesizes
              DVD5   - 50 mb  or 50,000,000 bytes
              DVD9   - 100 mb or 100,000,000 bytes
              DVD9+5 - 150 mb or 150,000,000 bytes
        407: 2 X DVD5 is not allowed as DVD9 WMV can be split very easily by the end user.
        408: If audio is not English, audio language MUST be specified in dir name.
        409: Directory format suggestion:
              Movie.Title.Year.<BluRay/HDDVD>.VC1.<720p/1080p>.<AUDIO CHANNELS>.WMV-GROUP 


        501: These rules govern the WMV-HD section, NO OTHER RULES APPLY!
              This means all nukes based on any other rules, implied or written, are INVALID NUKES and are
              UNACCEPTABLE. All groups releasing WMV-HD have agreed to and signed this rule set. As such, 
              we are the only ones who will develop, implement, and mandate the rules governing the WMV-HD
        502: These new rules do not apply to any release pre'd prior to this rule set. Any and all nukes are
             INVALID if these rules are applied to releases that came out prior to this rule set. 
        503: If a group wants to redo a title that was done before the WMVS2k9 rules were released, it must be
             labeled INTERNAL.  
        504: Propers are valid if rule 405 is not strictly adhered to. 
        505: HDDVD and Blu-Ray sources dupe each other.
              INTERNAL tag is required if one is already released.
        506: Propers or nukes are NOT VALID if 302 or 409 are not followed as these are only suggestions 
             and NOT RULES.
        507: An EXACT timecode must be specified and screen shot of issue is required in order to nuke a 
             release for video "glitches" or other picture qualtiy problems. Without a the EXACT timecode and
             screenshot, any nuke for picture quailty is INVALID.
        508: An EXACT timecode is required to nuke a release for audio problems such as out-of-sync.

  --------========  The Windows Media Video Releasing Standards 2009 for Blu-Ray and HDDVD ========--------
  --------========                  Signed by IGUANA, NOVO, BamHD, INSECTS                 ========--------