The Windows Media Video Releasing Standards 2007 for Blu-Ray and HDDVD

Intro:  As seen in recent weeks the WMV-HD scene has really picked up.  The more groups that join in on WMV-HD
    the more varations we have in encodes.  With this said, standards need to be set in place in order
    for all releases to be consistent and quality.  Many people feel as if WMV-HD is redundent because of 
    the x264 scene.  This is not true because of the compatiblity of WMV-HD.  It can be played on the
    XBOX360 and HTPC's.  Where as x264 is restricted to HTPC's.  The quality of WMV-HD vs x264 is equal
    only reason many ppl are against WMV-HD is because its Microsoft.  Even with the new dashboard
    update x264 will not be able to play on the XBOX360 so again this shows that its gonna be a while before
    someone makes a standalone that plays it.


    1: Video size is determined by length of movie
        A: If Video is 80 min or less DVD5 is ok but DVD9 is perferable and is to the discretion of the ripper
        B: If Video is 81min or more DVD9 is required
            a: Animated Films are a exception to the video length rule, DVD5 is sufficent for animated
        Note: discs must be fully used when encoding so for DVD5 no less then 4.1 gig and DVD9 no less then 8.0 gig
    2: Resolution must be no less then 720p
        A: 1080p is at the ripper discretion
            a: min bitrate for 1080p is 10,000kbps and it must be constrained to a peak limit of 14,000kbps with size limit 
DVD9 or greater
        B: Custom resolution is allowed as long as its multiple of 16
    3: Video must be in Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)
    4: 2-Pass VBR ONLY


    1: Audio bitrate must be no lower then 640kbps WMA Pro 5.1 unless source is
    2: No Stereo to 5.1 upmixing allowed, source must be 5.1 with correct channels mapped unless source disc only has 2.0
    3: Must be 24bit or 16bit audio unless source is less
    4: English audio is to be use if its the native language on the disc
        -- If english is not the native audio on the disc do one of the following: 
        A: Add hardcoded English subs and native audio
        B: Use dubbed English audio track
    5: Audio can be either CBR or VBR and 1 Pass is sufficient


    1: WMV must be in RAR with a recovery record added, SFV NFO and Sample are required as well
        A: Sample must be atleast 60 sec
        C: RARS must be 50mb stored for DVD5, 100mb stored for DVD9, and 150mb for 1080p rls's going beyond DVD9 size
    2: Source Must be HDDVD, Blu-Ray.  No re-encoding allowed of x264!
    3: 2xDVD5 is not allowed, DVD9 can be split very easily by the end user
    4: HDDVD and Blu-Ray sources dupe each other, INTERNAL tag is required if one is already rlsed
        A: Resolution dupe rules is as follows: 720p dupes 1080p but 1080p does not dupe 720p
    5: Intro and credits are to be intact, removing them is grounds for a proper
    6: Directory format suggestion:


NOTE:    These new rules do not apply to past releases, If a group wants to redo one that was done before the WMVS2k7 rules 
were rlsed
it must be labled INTERNAL.  Only reason a rls should be propered that was rlsed before this nfo is if its not working.

These rules will be updated when there is more progress in the HD DVD and Blu-ray scene.

Signed by