The Dutch TV Releasing Standards 2006
Revision 1.1 20 feb 2007

- Must be VBR MP3 or AC3 (no transcoding on AC3)
- Must be stereo when it's available
- ABR is not VBR
- 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz allowed
- MP3 files must be normalized
- No multi-language

- Must be 25 FPS
- Keyframes must be inserted <= 20 seconds and must be inserted
	according to scene changes and framesizes as determined by the
	codec or encoding application

- Only XviD 1.0 final+ and x264 allowed
- 2 or more passes must be used
- No dupes based on codec, use internal instead
- Quartel Pixel not allowed due to incompatibility issues

- Width: 512 - 672 for WS/letterboxed, 448 - 640 for FS
- Height and width must be a multiple of 16
- Cropping is required. Over cropped releases are a technical flaw.
- Changing ARs, in that case the cropping must be applied to the image that
	presents more pixels
- Subtitles must not be cropped
- Aspect ratio must be within 5% of the original aspect ratio.

- Episodes shall not overlap on CDs
- 20-23 min: 175 MB
- 23-35 min: 233 MB
- 35-50 min: 350 MB
- 50+ min: 700 MB
- 100+ min: 1400 MB (2 x 700MB)
- 2% under the maximum size is allowed

- All releases must be AVI, MP4 or MKV.
- Must be packed with RAR, no compression
- 15.000.000 bytes or 20.000.000 bytes archives
- Recovery record allowed
- Must have SFV
- Must have NFO
- NFO must include:
	* Group name
	* Title
	* Episode title (if any)
	* Release date
	* Air date
	* Video resolution
	* Video bitrate
	* Video length
	* Audio bitrate
	* Number of RARs
	* Source
- Cutting not allowed
- Downsampling not allowed

- Required +/- 1 min
- In a seperate 'Sample' folder
- Must be taken from the released material, not encoded separately
- .ts on DSR/PDTV/HDTV sources with questionable quality

- Only based on technical flaws, not on ripper's choice (like codec)
- Proper reason must be mentioned in the .nfo

Directory naming:
- No indication of ripping methods
- No genres or channel
- Allowed characters are a-zA-Z0-9.-_
- Session tags should be like SxxEyy, where xx is the season and yy is the episode number
- Miniseries should be tagged without seasontag, only Eyy
- Releases with more than 1 CD must be named CD1, CD2, etc. 
	* Each directory should contain an SFV file
	* Only 1 sample 
- Dutch spoken series should be tagged accordingly with the tag 'DUTCH'
- Flemish spoken series should be tagged 'FLEMISH'
- Other languages and dutch subbed should be tagged 'NLSUBBED'
- Must be tagged WS, if its letterboxed or widescreen. FS tag is not allowed.
- READ.NFO tag is allowed if an important note is included in the .nfo

- HDTV: 	Digital recording from a source stream at either 1080i or 720p at a bitrate from 19,39mbps or higher
- PDTV: 	Other resolution digital recordings from source streams at a bitrate of 10+mbps or higher.
- DSR: 		Other resolution digital recordings with a bitrate lower than 10 mbps
- TVRip: 	Analog recordings or digital recordings that were converted from digital -> analog -> digital
					( This includes DVD-recorders, boxes that have analog output, etc )

- FLEMISH doesn't dupe DUTCH, DUTCH doesn't dupe FLEMISH
- HDTV dupes PDTV/DSR if resolution is not HR (760+ width) or full HDTV resolution
- PDTV dupes DSR, DSR dupes PDTV
- FS dupes WS, WS doesn't dupe FS
- FS doesn't dupe WS if it contains more picture (use proof .jpg sample)
- Letterboxed is WS

Quality control:
- If a group releases PDTV/HDTV or DSR releases, and there are doubts if this is actually true, a
	Transport Stream file (.ts) must be given by the group to prove it

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