PDA Trainer rules:  (Updated: Aug 2005)


Folder names:
For Trainers naming should be:

For cheats/guides naming should be:

Allowed types are:
- Cheats
- Walkthrough
- Guide

Allowed OS: same as PDA rules, if PDA rules change, so does this.
Allowed Group name:  same as PDA rules if PDA rules change, so does this.

All file names MUST follow 8.3 rule.

If a trainer is already released, a trainer with more cheats is allowed. A group is only allowed to release ONE trainer for each game version (if group X releases +3 and group Y release +4, group X can NOT release +5 unless as stated that the version has changed).

If a game is released with more than one version (lowres and highres), the trainer-release must include trainers with equal functionality for all these versions

Trainers/Cheats for games that have not been release on the scene is NOT allowed. The scene release can not be more than 4 months old.

Trainers MUST:
... Work on both cracked/uncracked version

Trainers MUST NOT:
... Be bigger than 100k bytes
... Bundle the game
... Cracks the game.
... Require better PDA than the game

Cheats MUST NOT:
... Be stolen from anywere (you have to hack them out yourself)


... As we have seen in the past, there are some rules which prevent groups releases being nuked on an affiliate site.  We think that if a valid nuke reason applies to any release, it should be nuked on all sites - affil or not.

                ->>> AFFIL PREVENTS NOT FROM BEEING NUKED !!! <<<-

                                    RULES SIGNED BY

                                 Nov 2003   --  CSCPDA