POE Releasing Standards of AUDIOBOOKS


 Since we have decided to open this new scene, we thought it was time for
 a standard ruleset. Any other groups that wish to compete in the english
 audiobook scene can contact us if they have questions, or want the rules
 1 - Audiobooks will be encoded in mp3 at 32kbit/22050Hz/Mono. This
     approximates to roughly 10mb per hour of audio. Now this might seem
     a rather low standard. However keep in mind that this is purely
     spoken word. No bells and whistles -g-
     Now it is allowed to split the audio into 80 minute slices so they
     can be burned on conventional cd burners. Otherwise this format is
     perfectly capable of operating on a standard standalone mp3 player.
 2 - Release directory names will consist of the following information:
       Name of Author 
       Name of Book

     Also prefered is the tag of ABRIDGED or UNABRIDGED; Example:


     Other TAGS that are accepted are:

     AUDIOMAG ( this includes papers / magazines / etc. )

 3 - Included will be the standard .m3u playlist and standard sfv. 

  This concludes the standard Audiobook Ruleset. If any changes are made
        a revised version will be included with a POE release.