Release Rules
1. No Dupes !
We check complete albums/releases, not single tracks. So a release is not a
dupe if it has different or more tracks.
1. It's also a dupe if the complete release is included in a previous one.
For example CDM is released, now someone releases the CDS and all
tracks of the CDS were already included on the CDM (exactly the same).
2. You are allowed to create a duplicate release from a release that has a
source of lower quality (not lower bitrate! (see rule 11)).
Example: if vinyl is out then a CD-release is allowed.
If you do that then please add this info to NFO and dirname.
3. All MIXED cds should be ripped as one track supplied with a .cue.
If they are not, they may be duped by another group that releases it as
one track with a .cue supplied.

2. An .SFV and .NFO file must be included in every release.

3. Directory name must at least contain:
Artist Name - Title - Published Year - Group name
(extra info is allowed of course)

4. Filename must at least contain:
Track Number - Song Title
If it's an album with different artists then you must add the artist name as
Make sure that your filename is unique otherwise some sites might dupeskip
it. (You can search for filenames here as well)

5. Files/directories must only contain characters; a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . - ()
This is to avoid problems with windows/linux-filesystem and ftp-servers.

6. No self made compilations
A selfmade compilation is when you select tracks from other sources, put them
together and release that as something new. A self-made MIX is allowed if it's
good. Sites decide if it's shit by nuking it. We won't nuke/unnuke such a

7. The entire CD,Vinyl,etc. must be released (not individual tracks)
If you think it's too much work to rip all tracks you better don't rip at all.
Releasing the complete CD/Vinyl is necessary because otherwise it would be
possible to make several (different) releases of the same cd/vinyl/etc..
If an album has been released in different editions and the only difference is
one or more bonus tracks then it's allowed to release the bonustrack(s) only.
For example album released in US with 10 tracks, Japanese edition with 11
tracks (1 bonus track). then you can release the jap bonus track only (without
including previously released tracks of the US album). Of course it's not
allowed to re-release the full japanese edition then. You can do either the
full album including the bonus track or only the bonus track, but not both.
You must release ALL additional tracks in one release (not one release per
track or side).

8. Current maximum directory/filename-length is 128 characters
because of limitations on windows cd-filesystem (linux has 256char-limit) and
about 99% of the people here use either windows or linux.
Directory names longer than 64 chars are marked to make it easier for people
using joliet-filesystem which officially has a 64-char-limit (but most of the
cd-writing-programs ignore that and windows is able to read it up to 128

9. No fake-releases

10. A bad rip/release must be reported by either 3 independent people (from
different groups) or the group which released it (release-comment or web
If you re-release something that hasn't been nuked/marked yet then add this
info to your nfo-file. Otherwise it will get nuked as dupe.

11. Quality
current minimum bitrate is 160kbit
it's not allowed to re-release something in 192kbit (or higher) because a
previous release was only 160kbit.

12. Promos
If a release is considered not to have every track from the source then it must
be labelled as a promo and can be duped by any legitimate retail release that
DOES contain all tracks. The legitimate release can be identified by the CAT
number, or more suitable proof.
Promos do not have to contain track listings, they are promotional material,
they are not considered legitimate releases, and are still governed by quality

13. Re-encodes are strictly forbidden.