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     Team Div/X (TDX) Presents: The Div/X Releasing Standards (c) 2000

      Requirements: Notepad with terminal font or other ascii viewer

                         [ INTRO ]

 This group was formed because we thought the new Div/X scene was a bit
 unmoderated, sloppy and pretty much a free-for-all.  Leaders of the top
 5 DivX releasing groups, topsite siteops as well as rippers and encoders
 have put their competitive edge against each other to work together for
 the betterment of the DivX scene.  iSONEWS.COM and DiVXNEWS.COM are proud
 to bring you the results of Team DivX (TDX)'s meetings and debates.

 We realize that not EVERY group was included in these decisions, please
 do NOT take offense to this decision - We felt we selected enough people
 from different groups to represent all aspects of the discussion. All
 opinions were accepted and negotiated and then voted on for final approval.
 The rules went through 5 beta stages and have now been finally completed.
 We recognize that we are not perfect and these rules may be changed and/or
 modified at any time and the group will stay in contact for new developing
 technologies or conflicts with the current rule system.  We would like to
 request that ALL groups and top sites accept these rules as standards
 and enforce them strictly.  Our goal is to have an organized, acceptable
 and competitive scene so everyones co-operation is greatly appreciated.

 If ANYONE has any suggestions/comments/complaints please feel free to
 email us:  tdx@divxnews.com (futher contact info at the bottom).  We
 want to work with all of you, not against you.  Thanks in advance for
 the positive input and support.

                                                 // krazy8 -  Coordinator

                       [ RELEASE RULES ]

 Movie MUST fit the following rules (applies to XXX as well):
    - Released to DVD in the past 31 days (NO CLASSICS, NO EXCEPTIONS
      unless it is a siteop request and then it should not travel further
      than specified site)

    - Original Screener Tape -> Div/X:
       - Referred to as 'PRVHS' (see Notes section)
       - MUST be ORIGINAL screener tape -> div/x  (NOT the vcd screener -
          see reasons posted under 'vcd -> divx NOT allowed' in Notes
       - MUST be 512xXXX or BETTER
       - MUST be named  Movie.Title.PRVHS.Divx-GROUP

    - VCD (includes vcd screeners, telesyncs, cams, workprints) -> Div/X
       will NOT be allowed (see Notes section)
    - VHS -> Div/X will NOT be allowed (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    - MULTI-LANGUAGE - (see Notes section)

  TV Movies / Straight to Video (not in theater) Movies: (see Notes section)
    - ONLY allowed if they make it to DVD and fit the date rules (released
      within 31 days)

  Movie Length:
    - Movies under 105minutes must be under 700 MBs.
    - Movies over 105minutes CAN be 2 CDs. Each under 650MBs.

    - Must use the Low-Motion Codec.
    - Video shall be a minimum of 720Kbs.
    - Audio shall be a minimum of:
         WMA   96kbs, 44kKz
         MP3  128Kbs, 44kKz
    - Audio should NOT be 48Khz, quality degrades on standard sound cards.

    - All release must be .AVI, not BIN/CUE.  (see Notes Section)
    - Must be packed with RAR. NO compression is needed (proven worthless)
       and broken into 15MB or 20MB volumes
    - Must have SFV.
    - Must have NFO.
        group name
        actual divx release date
        US theater release date
        DVD release date
        audio bitrate (and stating wma or mp3)
        video bitrate
        movie runtime/length
        IMDB/adultdvdempire link
        number of rars per cd (eg.  44x15MB)
        widescreen indication in the nfo only - NOT in the directory name

    - NOT required in the .avi itself
    - NOT required in the .nfo - it is 'recommended' to list the main few
      characters as IMDB lists them

    - 1 (one) full minute in length (approx 10MB) and in separate folder
       marked 'SAMPLE'
    - MUST be taken from the movie - NOT encoded separately

  Directory Naming:
    - Directory names shall NOT exceed 64 characters
    - DO NOT indicate WS (widescreen), DATE, GENRE or anything else in the
       directory name.  (ONLY within the nfo)
    - Acceptable characters in naming a directory include: (NO spaces or
       double dots - single dots or underscores ONLY)

        0123456789 . -_

    - Movie.Title.DVDrip.Divx-GROUP
    - Movie.Title.PRVHS.Divx-GROUP
    - Movie.Title.XXX.Divx-GROUP  (assuming ALL xxx releases are dvdrips,
      we do not need to say so in the directory name)

    - Releases that are more than 1 (one) CD will follow these specs:
      - MUST be named CD1, CD2, CD3 and so on.  ('disc1', etc will NOT be
      - There MUST be an sfv included for each CD
      - rars MUST be broken into 2 or more CD volumes.  (78 rars of a 2
         disc title will NOT be tolerated)

                     [ NOTES TO THE RULES ]

 A few notes:
    - Movies should be ripped in their most widescreen format available.
    - vcd -> divx is NOT ALLOWED:
        - lose ability to be played in dvd player
        - waaaay too many releases
        - no quality upgrade, just smaller packaging
        - flood of crap groups (no skill involved, just a race to leech,
           convert and re-release)
    - PRVHS = Pre Release VHS which is also equivalent to Original Screener
       tape but this naming system will avoid confusion for nukers when it
       comes to nuking vcd -> divx because 'screener' is typically
       associated with vcd
    - NO TV Movies or Straight To Video:
        - UNLESS it makes it to dvd - then the 31day rule is applied
        - quality, commercials, too many tv movies
        - only the good ones make it to dvd
    - AVI and not BIN/CUE:
        - Some ppl burn to archive and play on a computer at a later time
          BUT since there is no outside purpose other than playing on the
          computer, there is NO need to be packaged as bin/cue
    - NO Multi-Language (keep in mind the goal of preserving the highest
      quality in the smallest package):
        - Not enough demand
        - DEGRADES the quality
        - Adds unnecessary space

                    [ GROUPS & MEMBERS ]

        TDX is comprised of members of the following top Div/X groups:

                 - FM4 - FAiTH - PRiVCD - DHQ - DVL -

                        - krazy8 - RipKord -
              - rook - xprog - WAREZ21-N - Badness - gand -
             - x[rush]x - Sigar - DireW0lf - DVDRick - rvn -
                      - Redemtion - goldragon -

                          [ CONTACT ]

      EMAIL:  tdx@divxnews.com
      WWW  :  www.divxnews.com
      IRC  :  #divxnews / #isonews (efnet)