In 1998, three people decided the future of how the scene should shape
  itself and released a 10-point information document stating how a game
  release should be conducted. In the past year, many of these rules have
  been broken by its founding members and other groups have purposely
  broken the agreement. In lieu of recent events, the deciding figures
  of three groups, Class, Myth & Divine, have converged and agreed upon
  a new set of rules based on the original Faction rules and Myth's
  recent proposal and have been updated, modified and agreed upon by a
  consensus to a new standard to better suit the scene in this millenium.
  These groups have been active participants in shaping the scene in the last
  6 months, and were given active participation in voicing their point of
  view. These new rules will allow for a more fair and competitive scene
  while ensuring a quality-minded environment for the scene. These deciding
  figures have bestowed themselves to be called the N.S.A., Network Software
  Association. These rules have been ratified and approved among the three
  groups and will be recognized and followed immediately on this date,
  March 26th, 2000.

  1.  The disk  limit  is as of  now  65 x 2,915,000 bytes. This equates  to a
      total  of 189,495,000 bytes of compressed data. Groups may not go over
      the total size to prevent any future cheating. Acceptable compression
      formats at this  time are ACE or RAR or any future compression that
      supports multiple volumes and long file names, followed by the
      traditional PKZIPing.

      The limit for standard game add-ons is 35 x 2,915,000 bytes for any add-
      on that includes Music, Speech, Commentary or Play By Play for the
      original release. Any add-on that does not fit this criteria will be
      restricted to 25 x 2,915,000 bytes. Only the group that won a game
      release is allowed to release the add-ons for the game.
  2.  To prevent sloppy rips, a re-release of a game is allowed to make groups
      release proper and respectable releases. The following provisions

      a) it can be ripped in >=10 disks less than the previous release by us-
         ing only lossless compression methods. Lossy compression will not be
         permitted to compromise the release to fit under this condition.

      b) it can be ripped in >=15 disks less of the size of the previous
         release by using mp3-compression while not downgrading any wavs
         or mp3's sound quality using lossy compression.

      That means all the essential gamedata must be still included in the re-
      release. No essential data is allowed to be removed to be considered a
      valid re-release. A re-release from a competing group may not use tools,
      original crack or any other files from the previous release that were
      modified for the original game rip.

      The re-release of a rip can be done by any group and must be done in
      at most 48 hours after the release of the original rip, as possibly
      every game is rippable in a smaller size if enough time is spent.

  3.  Every release  under  this  limit MUST be  a functionally  and  playable
      complete  game with no essential data missing to complete the game.
      This  means  that  included  will  be  every  component necessary for
      the successful completion of the game e.g.:

      - all game executables that are needed,
      - every level (single AND multiplayer),
      - every track (including practice),
      - all actor graphics & models etc,
      - sound effects
      - registry settings to play on the Internet (e.g. Zone/DirectPlay)

  4.  Any lossless compression method to reduce the size of selected game data
      is ALLOWED (e.g. uharc).

  5.  Lossy compression is ALLOWED for  sound, videos and non-texture graphics
      (e.g. jpeging of menu screens) but lossless compression is encouraged
      before using lossy compression.  Lossy compression of textures is expli-
      citly FORBIDDEN to  prevent the  many  problems inherent to that.

  6.  Sound effects WILL and MUST be included. To reduce the size of rips when
      possible, standard waveformat files (PCM) should be mp3-compressed
      if possible in a reasonable state of time and is over the size of 20
      disks. If the soundfiles exist inside a bigfile its highly regarded
      when time is invested to extract those files to compress them.  Groups
      are not to required to index bigfiles though. Downgrade of sound quality
      to sound files to allow the game to fit the limit will not be permitted.

      It is allowed to rip music, commentary/speech and ambience files as long
      as the game remains playable.  Speech files  MUST be  included if  there
      exist no on-screen subtitles. It is okay to remove commentary from a
      release if size does not permit it.

      It is highly regarded when all sounds, speech and music are included in
      a rip and not intentionally put out as addons.

  7.  It is allowed to remove gamedata that exists in multiple resolutions or
      formats as long as the  game remains playable on a typical system  which
      is defined by a PII-300 with a D3D-card and soundcard.

      - high-resolution textures for highend systems.
      - low-resolution textures for low-end systems if there is no
        possible options to include the high-resolutions in the release.
        If size permits, it is expected that high resolution be released
        as an add-on.
      - high-screen resolution graphics data standard of 800x600 (or 640x480
        if other than 800x600 is not applicable)
      - at least one hardware-dependent data must be included, and must be
        in Direct3D mode or any other hardware data modes that are accepta-
        ble (e.g. Glide textures). A release of software mode only with all
        hardware-dependent data and textures removed will not be allowed in
        future releases.

  8.  Movies (intros, cutscenes) should be removed if they aren't game-related.
      Movies must be  ripped in a  way so that the  gameplay experience is  not
      compromised, e.g. framing of movies is highly regarded.  It should always
      be avoided  to  create  situations in  which  user-input is  necessary on 
      black screens because the video normally shown has been blacked out.

  9.  Other allowed add-ons for games include:

      - cutscenes/movies
      - commentary/speech
      - music
      - manual/documentation
      - editor

      Intro and Outro add-ons are EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN.  Not more than 2 add-ons
      should be released for a game release.

  10. Children's games (aka  Kiddie  games) and  Edutainment  software  do not
      qualify  under these rules  guidelines for acceptable  releases.  Kiddie
      games are usually defined via the game target audience of  '5-12 years'
      as stated by the game's producer.  Common  sense should  be based on
      common sense  by  all groups to identify what really is a kiddie game.
      Platform games are not to be considered kiddie games.

  11. Levelpacks, game add-ons etc. for rips are only allowed if they are offi-
      cially released/authorized by the  same company/developer/publisher that
      put out the original game. If possible by its size, the add-on should be
      made as a standalone and not needing the original game release. The
      original missions may be removed to allow the game add-on to become
      standalone if not size can not permit the original game. It should be
      explained in the NFO if and why a game add-on isn't made to be standalone.

  12. In regard  to games  distributed  in the  United States  that are  LATER
      distributed in Europe  or vice versa under  the same or different name /
      publisher.  These games  if released  AFTER another group's  release are
      counted  as DUPES  unless  it can  be  proven that  there  is  a clearly
      noticeable  PLAYABLE  difference in the  latter release  (more than just
      tiny differences in graphics or sound). Differences in filedates and
      Game Titles between Euro and US releases are NOT a good enough reason to
      re-release the game.

  13. A brief  outline  of what  has been  stripped from the  game  should  be
      clearly stated in  the  game-release .NFO, as  well as information as to
      whether or not Add-Ons can be expected.

  14. Fully cracked Update Patches and Trainers are highly  regarded, though
      they are not  the responsibility  of any group (including  that of which
      released the original game).  If 2 trainers from the same  or  different
      groups are released  for 1 game, this  does NOT qualify as a dupe unless
      the latter trainer provides no new features over the prior trainer. Beta
      update patches will not considered a valid release among any game group.
      No group shall release a cracked patch for a game if a generic patch
      exists for a particular game in the scene. If a generic crack exists, a
      new patch-release must specify that the generic crack does not work

  15. If two or more rips of the same game get released, the first working rip
      wins.  Sites should not nuke any  release until the winning rip has been
      proven to work correctly and follows the above ruleset.

  16. No group shall do a rip using another's groups work, be it an iso crack
      or tools written by another competing group. Any third party tools shall
      be acceptable. A crack from an ISO or past release (even in other
      languages) shall not be used unless permission is given from the
      cracker/creator of the original release group.

      All appointed HQ (Headquarters) should abide by these rules to the
      fullest extent permutable. Any group that competes in the gaming rip
      scene will and must abide by the above rules to allow fair competition
      among all competitors.

      Leaders, Council Members and Seniors of Class, Myth & Divine.