Much has changed in the mp3 "scene" lately, but lets skip the intro and
  history of the music/mp3scene of the internet. Those of u who have
  been here since it all started in 1995/96 know that there has been much
  chaos, and there still is. Any previous attempts (mp3spa)at bringing in
  some organization and guidelines into the scene have failed. The scene has
  always worked as every group by it self. That might have worked fine,
  but we now want to move on and start appreciating other groups
  releases/rip, and save our own time for ripping more. This means we have
  to be able to trust each other rips. For this purpose, and nothing else,
  a council was set up and a name was chosen: RIAA. The participants agreed
  on some easy to understand rules about how to release music on the internet!
  This was done by a few big mp3 release groups, but it is the hope of
  everyone that all groups and independent suppliers will use them as well.
  We expect top groups like MGC, UBE, NBD, BF, TFA, WLWMP3, MS, IMPG, IDM
  (and others we forgot) to be joining this council soon!

  The program is as follows:

  1) The scene will benefit from this effort, and we will respect the
     agreed rules. The council name is RIAA.

  2) The members are councils of the chosen groups and a few more
     selected people.

  3) New members of this council can join on Invite / Vote-in.

  4) Rippers/groups must produce .SFV files for crc'ing every release.

  5) Rippers/groups must produce .NFO files for every release, and the .nfo
     file must feature at least:


     A release without proper .nfo AND .sfv file is a nuke on all big sites.

  6) Files and directories must only contain a-z A-Z 0-9 _ - () and
     no other characters. Underscores will be used for spaces, and
     double dots wont be used. i.e ..

  7) The length of filenames and directorynames must not exceed 64 chars.

  8) Directory names must at minimum include "Artist-Album-GROUPINITIALS"

  9) Filenames must at minimum include "Tracknumber-Songtitle-GROUPINITIALS"

 10) The music format is MP3 until MP4 format is out, and AAC and VFQ
     are ignored.

 11) The following encoders are banned because of their inability to
     produce good sounding mp3s.

     Xing Encoder, BladeEnc, AudioActive Po -lq mode

     These encoders are banned at the moment, but it might change soon. Stay

   ***** We Also Agreed That These Changes Will Be In Effect    *****
   ***** No Later Than FEBRUARY 1ST 1999. So Pls Be Ready With  *****
   ***** Your Sfv/Nfo Tools.. And The Characters..              *****
   ***** Happy Mp3'Ing To Us All.. Lets Make 1999 A Better Year *****

            This Document Was Signed & Approved On
             December 17Th, 1998 By The Following
      Individuals, Representing Their Respective Groups:

    Vega[aPC] Aeonizer(Kain)[ATM] AlCapone[RnS] EXx[UMA] Fido[AMOK]