[ Syntax: ]
  !nuke release reason [source]
  !unnuke release reason [source]
  !renuke release reason [source]
  !modnuke release reason [source]
  !snuke release reason [source]
  !oldnuke release reason [source]
  The [source] parameter is required for nukes that are echoed in.
   !snuke & !oldnuke are silentnukes, for old releases.
     Not to be announced in announce channels, however they should still
     be echoed around in nuke channels, and be added to databases. 
[ Nuke Formats: ]
  repack - reason_get.repack(/repacked.YYYY-MM-DD)
  propers - reason_get.GRP.proper(/repacked.YYYY-MM-DD)
  invalid propers - invalid.proper_reason
  dupes - dupe.GRP.YYYY-MM-DD
  minor update - mu.GRP.YYYY-MM-DD
  re-encodes - re-encoded_proof
  bad crack - bad.crack_whats.wrong_proof
  free from web - free.from.web_proof
  nuked source - nuked.GROUP.source
  always use YYYY-MM-DD. never use sameday, or any other formatting.
[ Nuke reasons MUST be in english. same with channel conversation. ]
[ Be specific with your nukes and unnukes. ]
[ Provide proof where possible/applicable ]
   ie: if the entire release isn't out of sync, nuke it with timestamps, (eg: oos_eg.05m45s-08m09s)
[ Use common sense in un/nukes. ]
[ nuke here first - before anywhere else - or just inform an op, and leave. ]
[ Do NOT distribute nick, channel, or sensative information ]
[ Do NOT nuke spam/fakes/bad echos, !delpre them ]
[ Do NOT nuke something unless you are sure it's valid - meaning no fake un/nukes ]
[ Do NOT unnuke for "fine". The reason MUST explain why the release is "fine" eg; ar.is.within.acceptable.range, not.dupe, etc ]
[ Do NOT nuke for bad.encoding you MUST explain whats wrong, or how the release is bad! ]
[ Do NOT nuke for "reencoded_duration.samples.mod.is.different.from.0" - this method is NOT 100% ]
[ Do NOT unnuke and renuke (or use !re/modnuke) to add _get.repack, _get.rerip, etc. ]
[ Do NOT use special characters in un/nuke reasons (eg; !"$%^&*:;{[}]@'~#/\?>\<,|\ etc) ]
[ Do NOT fix bad unnukes by renuking the release with "fix" or similar ]
[ Do NOT engage in "nukewar" un/nukes. ]
[ Do NOT use foul language in un/nukes. ]
[ Do NOT nuke with personal opinions or comments. ]
[ Do NOT echo un/nukes from other networks! ]
  If botowners want to accept another networks nukes, they'll join the network. (prefixed nukes are still allowed) 
  Don't accept nukes from other bots that say they got it from a source - alot of bots mess up source tags! 
[ Do NOT echo out this channel, copy/paste snippits of conversation, etc to ANYONE for ANY reason. ]
   if the persons not in this channel - its for a reason. anyone found to be breaking this rule will be glined. 
   un/nukes sourced from here are obviously excluded from this rule.
[ If a fix has been released for a nuked release - and is valid, unnuke the original release for get.fix
  However, take note, that if the fix does not fix the original release, or is not valid (eg: dirfix when trackfix is required),
  nuke the release for fix.for.nuke.
  Refer to individual rulesets to see if the fixes are forbidden - eg; 
   sizefixes are not allowed for xvid releases
   trackfixes have restrictions 
[ https://scenerules.org - scene rules ]
[ Use tinypic for pictures, and tinyurl for shortening urls. ]
[ disable "thanks for the +v" etc, scripts or expect a ban ]